Who we are

Abandoned Animal Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and no-kill organization, strictly supported by donations. Our mission is to rescue abandoned neonatal animals from situations that are abusive, endangering and neglectful, and finding those animals PERMANENT homes. Our priority is to provide our community with affordable vaccinations, spay/neuter programs and inexpensive veterinary care through our local network of vets.

Our Animal Rescue is run entirely by like-minded volunteers that dedicate their time and resources to help save and rehabilitate these animals. These volunteers are dedicated to raising funds, fostering and caring for the animals and participating in weekly adoptions until permanent homes are found for these great pets.

Abandoned Animal Foundation is dedicated to the following goals:

What we do

Our organization specialize in caring for animals under the ages of 6-8 weeks old which means that they are hand raised and bottled fed until they are ready to be adopted. Our primary focus is finding safe, loving homes for abandoned, neglected and abused animals. When sick or injured animals are found wandering the streets, we take them to our local vets to be treated and rehabilitated. We then notify the local shelters to give their owners a chance to claim them. If the owner does not claim them, we then take the animals into our custody. We also rescue dogs and cats from several pounds who could be loving pets but are about to be put to sleep due to overcrowding, illness or diseases.

Our goal

Abandoned Animal Foundation is currently seeking grants, sponsors and donations for our ongoing operations and for a no-kill shelter of our own. We have recently identified an appropriate facility to call home for our rescued animals. However, we need to raise enough money to renovate this facility which would provide temporary housing for our animals until permanent, loving homes are found. Having our own facility would eliminate boarding fees, greatly expand our adoption hours and rehabilitation and education programs, and quadruple the number of animals we place. Please help us help these loving animals who cannot help themselves.

Adoption Application

Please complete application if you are interested in adopting from our organization. Click on the following link: Adoption Application

Contact Us

Abandoned Animal Foundation, Inc
Pompano Beach, FL
Phone: (754) 229-0766
Email: abandonedanimalfoundation08@gmail.com